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Hydromassage Systems

Hydromassage Systems

Chromotherapy acts on the organism through the beneficial effect of green, blue, red and yellow lights radiated from specific spots. The different frequencies and wavelengths, which determine the colours, act directly at the level of the cells through the phenomenon of resonance. The equilibrium effect created is very important and favours both stimulation and relaxation according to the colours selected. The unpleasant effects caused by insomnia, stress, dermatitis, respiratory and digestive troubles can find immediate relief.

Bathtub edge commands
On the edge of the bathtub, simple controls make the hydromassage functions easy to check, in any of the three systems: Basic, Dynamic or Energy 2. The three different typologies have specific screens, with intuitive symbols.

Disinfection with BIOSAN diffusion system (optional)
The disinfection of the manual hydromassage system (optional) can be done with the BIOSAN system. The process starts during the hydromassage by means of the water which passes through a plastic tank with Brome tablets, maintaining the PH of the water unaltered. The tablets should to be replaced, in the plastic tank, after 200 hydromassage sessions.

imagens e desenhos técnicos

  • chromotherapy with 10 LEDS
  • detail Basic
  • detail Energy 2
  • chromotherapy | optinal for all systems
  • ENERGY 2