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Deixe-se Envolver 

One of the most wellkmown aspects of the culture in the ancient Rome are not only the diffused presence of the thermal baths as places of comfort and relax, but also of socialization. SPA: “salus for aquam” the health through the water. Even today the thermal baths keep on representing a valid tool to keep fit and health and, thanks to the technological evolution, they become a daily practice. Turkish bath and Sauna they can be considered as the modern thermal baths, suitable with convenience and pleasure among the domestic walls.

The use of aromas, namely the perfume of flowers and essential oils, with the purpose of inducing particular feelings, is an ancient and universally diffused practice. A harmonic composition of perfumes accompanies every comfort treatment, creating the best environment to get the most from the energizing, relaxing or temperate sensations caused by the essences which are spread by special diffusers.
Turkish bath
Hamam, in its language of origin, is a particular environment created by combining humidity and heat. The 80% of relative humidity and a temperature of 40 degrees create a cloud of steam that induces intense perspiration. This lower temperature, when compared to the temperature in a sauna, generates less perspiration; however, a longer period within this environment favours a greater loss of liquids, benefiting the respiratory system, favouring the purification of the skin and the reduction of stress. These benefits are amplified by a cold shower taken after experiencing a Turkish bath.
Chromotherapy acts on the organism through the beneficial effect of green, blue, red and yellow lights radiated from specific spots. The different frequencies and wavelengths, which determine the colours, act directly at the level of the cells through the phenomenon of resonance. The equilibrium effect created is very important and favours both stimulation and relaxation according to the colours selected. The unpleasant effects caused by insomnia, stress, dermatitis, respiratory and digestive troubles can find immediate relief.
Water is at the centre of the SENSI wellness programme. The role of water is absolutely fundamental in guaranteeing the quality of life, not only at the level of the body, but also at a psychological level. Water, throughout the history of Mankind, has always been surrounded by an almost magical aura: maybe due to its strength, purity and vitality, water is always referenced in medical, spiritual and hygienic practices. The encounter between water and air created by modern systems of hydromassage, and applied to bathtubs and multifunction shower cabins, has created a vast possibility of configurations, offering the user the possibilities of tonification, stimulation and relaxation functions. Basic, Dynamic and Energy 2, three systems, three choices: from the simplest to the most sophisticated option, allowing different preferences to be satisfied.
Herbal Therapy
Herbs and plants enter the world of hydrotherapy. Special devices allow for the use of resins or vegetable extracts whose active ingredients are spread, enhancing, in a specific way, every comfort treatment, in perfect harmony with the tradition of maintaining health through nature. The recovery of ancient knowledge is easily made enjoyable through advanced, safe and flexible technology.